An investment home from Imoya

Expect a 100%
finished home


In the heart of Vilvoorde


In the heart of Vilvoorde

De Heerenhuizen is ideally located for the rental market: it is right in the middle of the city centre, within walking distance of public transport and a stone’s throw from major cities such as Brussels.

Carefree Owner

Completely finished

There will be no chores on your to-do list or having to chase painters and decorators. If you buy an investment property in de Heerenhuizen, you can expect a loft that is finished to perfection. Ready to be lived in!

Somewhere that is full of possibilities is what everyone dreams of.


Ready summer 2023

The project is scheduled for completion in 2023. Investors will have to wait no longer for the new homes to be built, so you can immediately enjoy the returns an investment home brings.

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