Quality customisation thanks to Uytterhoeven

Quality, personality and family spirit. These are the characteristics we greatly appreciate in our partners. For the Heerenhuizen project, the partnership with Uytterhoeven was therefore almost a matter of course. Their style and vision fit perfectly with the ambition we have for the ten lofts. A vision in which customisation and customer orientation are central.

Uytterhoeven is an interior design company in Heist-op-den-Berg that specialises in kitchens and custom-made products. They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, so they have quite a bit of experience within the sector. It is a real family business and that can be felt in everything they do. Both to customers and internally to their employees, they take a personal approach. “Customisation is a term everyone uses smoothly. With us, it really is the reality. We don’t work with standard models for our kitchens, but talk to the customer and listen to their wishes and needs. We start with a white top and then step by step design the interior the customer dreams of,” says Filip Wyns, managing director at Uytterhoeven.

Every kitchen designed and produced is unique. To achieve this, craftsmanship and modern technology go hand in hand. Filip Wyns enthusiastically explains how things work in their company. “Everything that requires a feel for fingers is done manually. In a separate part of the gigantic workshop, for example, wood sculpting is expertly done. But where possible, things are automated. For example, an impressive German sawing robot, of which only ten are still in use worldwide, recently started working there. “And technology also plays an important role in the design phase. Uytterhoeven’s technical draftsmen work with a unique 3D programme that allows customers to see and experience their kitchen just as it will be installed in their home.

The seeds of the partnership between Imoya and Uytterhoeven were sown when Uytterhoeven realised the interior design of Imoya’s offices. The personal approach and wonderful quality mark the start of a great partnership. “There are many possibilities to turn the lofts in the Heerenhuizen into something wonderful. We really make sure that each flat becomes one unit thanks to a kitchen and built-in furniture that fit seamlessly together. The Heerenhuizen has a characteristic fa├žade which allows you to go in all directions inside: rural, romantic or just hyper-modern. Thanks to the various specialities of our interior designers, we have every style at our fingertips,” says Filip Wyns.